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National Craft Month: Day 15

15 Mar

Needle cushion made with a $1 miniature frame from Michaels.  Aaaaaaand…..the needles don’t get lost like they do in the traditional tomato looking pin cushion!!  Win!

day 15


Valentine Yum Yums

21 Jan

I’m finally getting back into the swang ‘o thangs in my shop.  If I weren’t the boss, I’d totally fire myself.  These Valentine treats were just listed and yes.  I’m shamefully plugging.

Click pics to visit shop.

mini cake collage vtine bonbon collage vtine bonbons collage2

The Art of the Costume

30 Oct

Remember those nasty little plastic masks we had to wear as kids….with the rubber band that would knot your hair all up in the back?  Remember trying to stick your tongue out the mouth-hole and cutting it to pieces on the raggedy plastic?  And then the build up of facial sweat would become unbearable and you’d have to slide it up over your head and breathe like you needed air to live.  Yeah.  Those were the days.

So when my daughter was born, I decided then and there that I would be making her costume every single year until she could physically beat me up.  Every year around August, we’ll sit down and look at tons of patterns and she’ll pick something out.  Always some weird strain of fairy.  This year?  Watermelon fairy.  But not JUST a watermelon fairy.  A watermelon fairy throwing a peace sign!

Christmas Lovelies

3 Oct

So I’m knee deep in Christmas makings and Mama Nature hooked me up with a cold weekend and I had my first fire of the season!  Super Woot!

All of the following lovelies are currently for sale over at the Whimsy Dreams shop.  I’d love to stay and chat but I’m off to make some elf babies.

Sweet Handmade Toys

5 Sep

Over the past year I’ve been experimenting with my Etsy shop by putting a mess ‘o stuff in there.  I wanted to see which product people gravitated towards and purchased.  The outcome?  Fake food.  It seems to be the ONLY thing that sells consistently and frequently.  The Husband refers to me as the “P.T. Barnum of fake food”.  I’m not sure if that’s a compliment.

Anyway…here’s a sampling of sweets that I’ve been working on.  Some have sold, some are still for sale over in my Etsy shop.

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