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Valentine Yum Yums

21 Jan

I’m finally getting back into the swang ‘o thangs in my shop.  If I weren’t the boss, I’d totally fire myself.  These Valentine treats were just listed and yes.  I’m shamefully plugging.

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mini cake collage vtine bonbon collage vtine bonbons collage2


Lunch Bag Countdown: 117 More Days

30 Oct


Sweet Shoppe Birthday Party

10 Oct

Well, thank god THAT’S over!  Threw my daughter’s 8th birthday bash this past weekend and I am flat busted worn OWT.  It turned out cute though.  There were like 30 kids running amok, all hopped up on sugar, throwing glitter, coloring on walls.  The day after THIS party, my kid was picked up in a limo and taken to another kid’s birthday party.  Remember when you wore a party dress, played pin the booty on the donkey and sipped juice with 5 of your mother-approved friends?  Yeah, well those days are over.  O-V-E-R.


bday cupcakes bday party bday party2 bday party3 bday party4 bday party5 bday party6 bday party8 bday party9 bday party10 bday party13 bday party14 bday party16 bday party17 bday party19 bday party20 bday party21 bday party22 bday party23 bday party24 bday party25 bday party29 bday party31 bday party32

Marshmallow Mania

20 Aug

My current obsession?  Marshmallows.  Seriously.  I’m afflicted.  So much so, in fact, that I’m subjecting my willing readers to gaze upon that which I so deeply desire.

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Countdown to Summer

10 May

We’ve got five more days of school before the debauchery begins.  I pretty much let my kid run amok in her underpants all summer.  Don’t judge me.  So throughout the year I’ve been drawing stupid stuff on her lunch bag.  I’m not sure how it started but I began drawing pictures with the number of days left of school.  You’ll note that I began with 28.  The unofficial number of days spent in your average rehab facility.  Totally unintentional. Anyway, here they are.  I’ve decided that next year?  I’m doing one everyday.  Countdown from the very first day of school.  You know, to give her hope and whatnot.

(These aren’t in order.  So don’t bother mentioning it.”

countdown2 countdown3 countdown5 countdown6 countdown7 countdown8 countdown9 countdown10 countdown11 countdown13 countdown14 countdown15 countdown17 countdown18 countdown19 countdown20 countdown55 countdown88 countdown99 countdown110 countdown111 countdown132

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