For Shame, Target. For Shame.

13 May



What do they say…imitation is the highest form of flattery?  That’s a heaping pile of feces.  That may have been true at one point, but in this commercially greedy society, imitation is more akin to back-alley robbing.  Take Target for instance.

Earlier this month, Melissa Lay found out she’d been back-alley robbed by Target (which shouldn’t surprise us considering their logo is a target.  That you shoot guns and arrows at).  Melissa opened an Etsy shop last year so she could sell her originally designed, insanely cool t-shirts.  Her friend gave her a call to let her know that Target had her exact same t-shirt for half the price.

Let me digress a tad.  If I had been that friend, I would’ve been on my cell, making a scene.

“OMG!  Dude, I’m down here at Target and how ’bout they stole your shirt?!  Yeah, I’m serious!  The one with the flag!  Exactly the same only theirs is made in Guatemala.  Oh this is b.s..  I’m gonna go find the manager.  Oh yes I am!  Don’t worry.  No one will get slapped.  Too hard.”

Now when I say they ripped off the design…I mean THEY RIPPED OFF THE DESIGN!


The only difference I see is that Target’s shirt looks like it took a beating on the boat back from Guatemala.  You can find a more professional and detailed version of the story HERE.

I mean, hey.  People have been stealing other people’s ideas since the candle was invented.  But be cool about it and give that artist the credit!  Melissa contacted Target’s corporate headquarters in Minneapolis and do you know what they said?  We encourage you to write us a letter outlining your complaint.  Seriously?  Outlining your complaint?  How ’bout Target sucks?

I can only hope that a very generous team of ethical lawyers hears about this and takes Target to the woodshed.  If not for anything but the beating.








One Response to “For Shame, Target. For Shame.”

  1. Michael Cargill May 13, 2015 at 5:00 pm #

    That’s a bit naughty.


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