10-4 Good Buddy

11 Oct


Pardon the wobble in my voice, but I’m excited people.  EXCITED!  Why?  Because this weekend, a gaggle of truckers plans to descend upon Washington’s Capital Beltway with one goal and one goal only.  To snarl traffic beyond recognition.  All without breaking the law (hopefully). So I know what I’ll be doing this holiday weekend.  Slinging slang in honor of all those big rig operators out there being big on the road.

Maybe I’ll bust out my CB radio so I can hear all the slander that will no doubt be slung regarding law enforcement:

Cheese Wagon: School bus

Cowboy Cadillac: Pickup truck

Sleeper Leaper: Working girl

Driving Award: Speeding ticket

Harvey Wallbumper:  A reckless driver

Chicken Choker:  Truck carrying poultry

Greasy Side Up: Truck that’s flipped over

Gator Guts: Pieces of shredded tire in the road

Big 10-4: I completely agree

Draggin’ Wagon: Tow truck

Bubble Trouble: Problem with your tire

Lot Lizard: Working girl at a truck stop

Fifty Dollar Lane: Passing lane

Toes on the Bumper: Driving at full-speed

Town Clown: Local police officer

Weight Watcher: Weigh station worker

Meat Wagon: Ambulance

Smoke Detector: Radar detector

Pay the Water Bill: Use the potty

Starving the Bears: Driving the speed limit

Boom Wagon: Truck carrying dangerous cargo

Half Cheese: A short school bus

Smile and Comb Your Hair: Radar trap ahead, slow down

Lane Lover: Vehicle that won’t leave a particular lane

Loot Limo: Armored car

Pregnant Roller Skate: Volkswagon Beetle

Billy Big Rigger: Trucker with a big ego

Chew-n-Choke: Restaurant

Tijuana Taxi: Tow truck

Bone Box: Ambulance

Organ Donor: Motorcycle rider without a helmet

Colorado Kook-Aid: Beer

Bucket Mouth: Loud, obnoxious or vulgar

Land Yacht: Large mobile home or camper

Dream Weaver: Weaving driver – sleepy or impaired

Wiggle Wagon: A truck pulling two or more trailers

On the Floor and Looking For More: Accelerating at full speed

Watch Your Donkey: Watch behind you, police are approaching

Nap Trap: Motel

Pickle Park: Rest area known for working girls

Mud Ball: Donut

Motion Lotion: Fuel

Junk Buzzard: Bum or hobo


One Response to “10-4 Good Buddy”

  1. gingerfightback October 12, 2013 at 2:24 am #

    Boom Wagon!


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