Acceptance: A Poem

17 Jan



(Written by April Trice)

It’s here, looming.

Breathing down my neck; its breath oddly sweet.

I turn ‘round and scream at it.

Punch it.

Push it.

Berate it.

Damn it.

It stands, unmoved, undeterred.

Obstinate, even.

I try to paint It.

Re-arrange It.

Move It over, beside me, behind me…

Yet, still It stands.  With a pulse.

So I ignore It, avoid It.

Talk loudly to distract It.

Others pass by, they look at me oddly.

Crossing to the other side of the road.

They don’t seem to mind It.

Perhaps even fond of It.

How weak, I think.

Not I!  Not today!

Then It nudges me, making me stumble.

Now aware of the tightrope on which I stand

I start to feel angry.



So I run to avoid it.

Its steps coming closer, my steps coming slower.

My side hurts, my head hurts, my chest hurts.

An all-encompassing ache.

So I stop, shoulders slumping.

It’s near me.  I feel It.

With dread, I turn to face It.

It smiles…no grimace, snarl or sneer.

Its arms gently open, with a whisper..

“Come.  Here.”

So I go. At first, slowly.

A feeling of defeat…all at once fading when It envelopes me.

Carefully giving me room to breathe.

Who are you?

WHAT are you?

It grins, hugging tighter, lowering head…..whispering…

Acceptance, dear child.



What say thee?

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