9 Jan

I Miss You When I Blink

It’s that time of year: thank-you note season.

If you were lucky enough to receive some gifts or be invited to a holiday celebration or two, the task now lies before you to write out your gratitude. (Unless you’ve finished all your thank-you notes already – in which case, bite me.)

In teaching my kids to write thank-you notes, I’ve given them a loose formula to follow. There are a few basic elements I have them include in each note — I’ll share them here in case it helps you get your notes done:

  1. Some kind of friendly opener that’s NOT about the gift – a seasonal greeting, a question about how the other person is doing, or something along the lines of, “What fun to see you last week at the roller derby!” (I don’t like to start off with “Thank you for…” because it just screams, “I’m writing…

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