Wisdom of the Weed

12 Sep

I saw this little tidbit of wisdom floating around Facebook and it reminded me of a poem I wrote about Cali.  I will share it with you now.  That totally just sounded like the intro for a 5th grade poetry reading.



(Written by April Trice)

This child, so pure

With clear eyes she sees.

Not dirt, nor weeds

…just the Majesty.


Those who are broken

She knows them well.

Like love’s small oracle

Their fear, she quells.


From birth, her soul was meant to shine.

At times I’m humbled, for this child is mine.

I watch her walk through life, pristine.

Against the tide, she walks upstream.

Without complaint, she embraces a world

That holds the mystery that soothes the soul.


The weeds are flowers

The dirt, magic sand.

She sees the opulence and finds it bland.

Born of nature, it’s there she dwells.

The sun and moon, her childhood pals.


Where others falter

This child, she shines.

She knows no fear.

To hate, she’s blind.


Oh, how she wishes there could be

One thousand and one

Dandelion seeds.

To scatter, to spread across the land.

Oblivious to the shout of man.


A weed! They say.

You pull it OUT.

Don’t scatter all those seeds about!


A weed?

What’s that?

I know not the word.

This child of mine thinks man absurd.


For if they had sense

And if they had eyes

Then they’d see with certainty.

The Dandelion, wise.


Who is this spirit bequeathed to me?

I’m reverently humbled to be raising thee.

Your heart, untainted.

Your smile so kind.

I love you, my child.

With your Dandelion mind.


One Response to “Wisdom of the Weed”

  1. Anna October 1, 2012 at 4:42 pm #

    I’m so moved by your beautiful poetry; weeds are just as beautiful as ‘regular’ flowers, and I adore how you have painted this through the eyes of a child. Within such innocence can be found such beauty… and your use of the word ‘bequeathed’ made me smile just a little bit. I am mostly a word geek, and your poem was irresistible 🙂


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