Rebel In White

6 Sep

I’ve never EVER understood the whole idea behind “Don’t wear white after Labor Day”.  I know that the saying originated back when wearing white was actually a way to stay cool during the sweltering summer months….and that when Fall rolled around, it was back to the drab clothing for work and school.  But is it STILL necessary to carry on with this fashion faux pas enforcement?

Apparently it’s still something that the snob-knobs adhere to…going as far as to look down their pristine noses at those of us who are rocking some white digs smack in the middle of December.  C’mon ladies.  Even Emily Post (17th edition) finally broke down and said, “Yes.  For the love of god, YES you can wear white after Labor Day!”

So who are these women who cling to outdated etiquette standards, rules and regulations?  Probably the same ones who place great heaps of guilt upon their daughter’s heads, wagging their fingers around talking about, “No proper lady does this, that and the other.”  Whatever.  I’m wearing white before Labor Day, on Labor Day and every day AFTER Labor Day because I find proper rebellion refreshing.

So drink up your cucumber water, ladies….and check out this splendid white-wear that’s daring you to take off your girdle and jump into the Main Stream.


What say thee?

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